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oldies but goodies

How Arnold Schwarzenegger got votes.


I have to wonder what they meant by “scientific plan.”  McDonald’s?  Couch?


Teaching children to swim in pre-war Britain.


Fortunately, kids today have Flinstone vitamins.


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Some mothers…

Get their undies all in a bunch when someone mistakes their daughter for a boy.

Maebel is mistaken for a boy every other time we go somewhere.

It doesn’t bother me a bit, I think it’s funny.  And Maebel doesn’t wear undies yet, so hers aren’t getting bunched up either.


We have our healthy, beautiful, fuzzy-headed  Maebie baby.  Not much is going to bug us, you know?

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movin’ on up

Claire moved out of her toddler bed a few months ago, but I just now remembered that I took pictures of the big event.

BIG animal friends fit in it!



Maebel prefers her crib.


That or plastic bins.  I don’t really get that kid.



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Happy New Year from Muncie!

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Merry Christmas

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Nina Simone?

yes, please!

Backlash Blues

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Some mothers…

would comfort their child if she was fussing and hold their laughter, even if her hair looked hilarious.  But I had to take pictures first,

so I could laugh at her later too.

I think she’s already plotting her revenge.

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Hafla; n. “belly dance party.”

…and party we did!  Two performances in one weekend.  I think we are real-life belly dancers now.


I think my next goal may be dancing in an Egyptian restaurant.  Better practice up!  To do that I’m pretty sure I have to be able to balance a sword on my head.  I think I’ll start with a butter knife.


…my lovely partner, Audrey, a.k.a “Velma.”

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photo booth

More photos to come!  Hold your horsies!

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