Finding the JOY

01: what they do

Assignment:  using catchlight, capture what your loved one does.

Maebel makes messes all day.  This is how we clean her off after lunch.

f 1/8
shutter speed 1/640
ISO 1000

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“Mom, juice me.”

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Some mothers…

Get their undies all in a bunch when someone mistakes their daughter for a boy.

Maebel is mistaken for a boy every other time we go somewhere.

It doesn’t bother me a bit, I think it’s funny.  And Maebel doesn’t wear undies yet, so hers aren’t getting bunched up either.


We have our healthy, beautiful, fuzzy-headed  Maebie baby.  Not much is going to bug us, you know?

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movin’ on up

Claire moved out of her toddler bed a few months ago, but I just now remembered that I took pictures of the big event.

BIG animal friends fit in it!



Maebel prefers her crib.


That or plastic bins.  I don’t really get that kid.



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Some mothers…

would comfort their child if she was fussing and hold their laughter, even if her hair looked hilarious.  But I had to take pictures first,

so I could laugh at her later too.

I think she’s already plotting her revenge.

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Hafla; n. “belly dance party.”

…and party we did!  Two performances in one weekend.  I think we are real-life belly dancers now.


I think my next goal may be dancing in an Egyptian restaurant.  Better practice up!  To do that I’m pretty sure I have to be able to balance a sword on my head.  I think I’ll start with a butter knife.


…my lovely partner, Audrey, a.k.a “Velma.”

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Maebel’s birthday cake

Finally!  Here are the PICTURES from Maebel’s birthday cake.

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mermaid running

(Click on photo to see it larger)

Today was Claire’s Halloween party at school.  Each child was introduced and then paraded up to the front for pictures.  Claire, however, ran.  Not having legs didn’t slow this mermaid down!


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Some mothers…

would help their child if she got stuck in the giant, round play thingy.  But I wanted to see if Maebel could figure it out.




…she couldn’t.

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Mae Mae’s birthday is next week!  She will be one year old!

This is her eating a weensie, little nutra-grain bar for a snack.  I think she will be unrecognizable when she gets her hands on BIRTHDAY CAKE.

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