Finding the JOY

06: what they love

Assignment:  document what they love.  The girls love the snow.  Lucky for me, since the snow has cancelled most of our plans for over a week!

(Day 7 is “through the generations” so I will wait to post that after a visit from my parents.)


shutter speed 1/8000

ISO 400

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Finding the JOY

05: love to hate

Assignment:  Photograph what your loved one does that drives you NUTS.  Get out your camera manual and mess around with selective focal points.

I got this assignment done before 9:30am.  Maebel swiped the remote.  And she’s naked.  She’s really fast and this is as close as I can get before she runs off.
This sorta looks like a big foot sighting. haha!


Shutter speed 1/60

ISO 1000

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Finding the JOY

04: what they wear

Assignment:  Photograph what your loved one wears all the time.  Play with different meter settings.

It’s all princesses and fairies around here.  I used partial metering (about 9% of the middle frame.)


shutter speed 1/200

ISO 1000


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Finding the JOY

03: then and now

Assignment:  What has changed since you first met your loved one?

I chose to use an old picture of Claire and her best bud to show how much they’ve grown since they first met.  It’s about time to take another picture of these two already!  These are pretty old pictures so I have no idea what the settings were.  : )

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Finding the JOY

02: what they look like

Assignment:  Capture the true essence of your loved one by positioning your body down to (or up to) their level.

Claire working hard at the legos. Tried to capture her “working” and “thinking” expressions.



Shutter speed 1/60

ISO 800

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Finding the JOY

01: what they do

Assignment:  using catchlight, capture what your loved one does.

Maebel makes messes all day.  This is how we clean her off after lunch.

f 1/8
shutter speed 1/640
ISO 1000

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Finding the JOY

Anyone want to join me?

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Some mothers…

Get their undies all in a bunch when someone mistakes their daughter for a boy.

Maebel is mistaken for a boy every other time we go somewhere.

It doesn’t bother me a bit, I think it’s funny.  And Maebel doesn’t wear undies yet, so hers aren’t getting bunched up either.


We have our healthy, beautiful, fuzzy-headed  Maebie baby.  Not much is going to bug us, you know?

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movin’ on up

Claire moved out of her toddler bed a few months ago, but I just now remembered that I took pictures of the big event.

BIG animal friends fit in it!



Maebel prefers her crib.


That or plastic bins.  I don’t really get that kid.



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Happy New Year from Muncie!

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