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oldies but goodies

How Arnold Schwarzenegger got votes.


I have to wonder what they meant by “scientific plan.”  McDonald’s?  Couch?


Teaching children to swim in pre-war Britain.


Fortunately, kids today have Flinstone vitamins.


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Merry Christmas

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Nina Simone?

yes, please!

Backlash Blues

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Henny Penny

Claire and I read Henny Penny this morning.  So I just had to introduce her to my favorite version of the story by the               Golden Girls.

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Wanda Jackson makes me want to play guitar and wear heels.

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roller derby

I went to my first free skate with the dolls from roller derby (the players are called “dolls.”)  Muncie is starting a roller derby team called, “Cornfed Derby Dames.”  And, as so often happens, I felt like Lucy.  But I was able to keep pace with them and didn’t fall down.  Although, I think it’s more that you just need to be OK with falling.  I made it through three natural child births, so I think I’ve got what it takes.  : )  The girls were sweet and it was a lot of fun.  This clip shows how out of place I felt.  (Except that the dolls were really nice.)

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bananas make me say, “mmm.”

Feeding Maebel is like having Bill Murray over for dinner every night of the week.  (mom, this one’s for you!)

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Big day in the VanderHorst house.  I introduced Claire to a few numbers from Newsies.  What could be more fun than being a poor, child laborer?  If you have a choreographer in the house, that is.

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one more week…

This is what med. school feels like.

Trever = Buster

Med. school = the other guy


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