Some mothers…

Get their undies all in a bunch when someone mistakes their daughter for a boy.

Maebel is mistaken for a boy every other time we go somewhere.

It doesn’t bother me a bit, I think it’s funny.  And Maebel doesn’t wear undies yet, so hers aren’t getting bunched up either.


We have our healthy, beautiful, fuzzy-headed  Maebie baby.  Not much is going to bug us, you know?

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  1. Hair or not, there are three wonderfully feminine females at your home! And feminine doesn’t need to mean “frilly”. (Though some of you can be both frilly and silly!!) We are proud of our dear cheerful Maebel. For me it was “hair today, gone tomorrow”. I’m glad it will be the opposite for her!!
    Love, Grampy VH

  2. Jake actually referred to Mae as the apple of his eye the other day, hahaha, we’re totally smitten.

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