This afternoon Claire’s Sonlight curriculum arrived!

(thanks Grammy and Grampy)

…inside the encyclopedia

Someone’s excited about math (take that, boys!)

…inside the dictionary


Maebel likes to help.

ok, she really, really likes to help.

I’m not gonna lie, the “teacher’s guide” is a wee bit intimidating.  yikes!

Claire demonstrates that she already knows how to measure stuff.  “It’s like a tape measurer, only smaller, mom.

These girls are going to change the world!  Or do they seek world domination?  Only time will tell.


In the mean time…

it’s princesses,

Winnie the Pooh,

and many other stories to read and things to learn.

And when we’re sure Maebel won’t drool on the books, she will join us.


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  1. Hey! I didn’t know you were homeschooling! We should get together sometime. We been homeschooling for 12 years now (this will be the 13th) and have used Sonlight for 11 years. It’s the only curriculum I’ve ever used. You are gonna have such fun!

  2. I’m glad to hear such great reviews! I may get in touch with you, there is a LOT of learning I need to do…

  3. Nothing better than a new box of books! Hey… some of those are Usborne books! I sell usborne books… they are the best.

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