pig and sally

Enter: Pig and Sally.

My folks got Claire two goldfish for Easter.  Naturally, she wanted to name them Saeeda and Ella (after her beloved cousins.)  But since every doll and animal under our roof is named after them, I said she had to pick out new names.  She came up with Pig and Sally.

However, you may have noticed that there is only one fish in the tank.  Alas, Pig passed away. But Pig did not go unloved.  In fact, Trever once entered the dining room only to discover that Claire was holding a fish in each of her little hands, kissing and caressing them (to death, unbenowened to her.)  Trever calmly told her they needed to go back into the water.  After he explained that she could not hold her fish, she asked to be alone with them for a minute.  We secretly watched as she just petted them in the water.

Claire can’t bear to flush Pig down the toilet so we plan on burring him in the backyard where, I believe, a fish cemetery will begin.

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  1. love this too!!!!

  2. oh my! that is so hilarious. claire has such a big heart…she will love this story when she’s older!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love it!!

  4. Well, there are worse things to bury in the back yard! That girl is soooo precious, I can’t wait to see her again. And you, Loren are a wonderful chronicler.

  5. I just read this, and it officially made my day happy.

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